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According to IATA aeronautical regulations, eShopex cannot ship perfumes or any other merchandise that is considered dangerous in its shipment. We recommend that you request a quote regarding the shipping costs for such products before purchasing them.
Because the great majority of stores in the US do not sell abroad via Internet. Some stores offer international delivery, but generally their shipping costs are not competitive and do not offer tax and duty services in your country. In conclusion eShopex offers the possibility to buy in the US as if you lived there, accessing to the stores and products that do not exist in your country and being able to receive these products directly to your home at a very low cost.
You can buy which ever product you want in the US, using your eShopex address as your shipping address. If you prefer eShopex to buy your products, then please go to Personal Shopper.
In case of loss or damage, eShopex offers a guarantee for the declared value of the product of the shipment (excluding TVs, iPads, laptops, binoculars or products with glasses of any kind). eShopex is not responsible for used or refurbished products. Force majeure, customs confiscations and any case in which eShopex is not directly responsible are not included. The cost of the insurance offered by eShopex is $1.50 USD per $100 USD of merchandise value.
Yes, there are insurance companies which offer this service to almost any type of shipment from the US to the country of destination. If you need more details, contact us here.
If your product does not arrive at your eShopex address in Miami, you will need to contact the store where you made the purchase and requests for the tracking number of your shipment. If the product did arrive at your eShopex address but you have still not received your delivery after 10 working days then please contact us here.
There are some goods which are considered “restricted products” in your country´s Customs department. These products require special permission for Custom Clearance. Additionally, there are some products which are nominated as “dangerous goods” they require a special procedure and packaging for delivery. In case you require more information on restricted or dangerous products, contact us here.
Eshopex allows you to ship products with no weight or size restriction.
Yes, in order to consolidate your items you have to send an email to This service has a US$ 25.00 fee and a 4 items limit per consolidation.

Note: Clients that pay with an American Express card can consolidate packages for free. In order to claim these benefit, clients have to pre alert their packages 24 hours before they arrive to Miami.


If it’s your first time shopping in a U.S online store, you may need to register by following the instructions given to you by the site.

1.- When you have chosen the product you would like to purchase, click on "add to cart" and then "proceed to checkout". Then enter your eShopex "Shipping Address" and enter the same information as your "Billing Address".

2.- Are you having trouble adding your address? Is the store suggesting a different address? Always choose the option "Original Address" instead of the suggested address by the store, since this suggested address does not include all of the necessary information, which may make it difficult to deliver your order: 

3.- Finally, enter your Credit Card information, review your order and select "place your order" to complete the process..
To enter your details in the purchase order from the US store, you should consider that you live in Miami, using the US address you will receive when registering with eShopex. For example:

Nowadays security on the Internet is practically resolved, it is nearly impossible for your card details to be stolen when you buy in a known store and in a secure way. However, there are several measures of precaution which exist, the following are: 

1.- Buy in known stores or prestige brand.
2.- Verify that you have a secure connection ("secure shop"). Sites on the Internet generally indicate a padlock logo for security, with "https" in their website address.
To track your order from the store to your eShopex address in Miami, you will need to use your tracking number given to you by the store when you`ve purchased. To track your order from its arrival to the eShopex address, you should click on and enter the parcel number assigned for each package. Additionally, for your peace of mind, you will be notified by email when your product arrives at your eShopex address in Miami and when it has been shipped to your country.
The Pre Alert is available to all eShopex customers to ensure that their purchases are handled swiftly by helping to reduce the time in which the shipment information is entered into our system; our customers can enjoy this tool with no additional cost. It’s important that the Pre Alert must be created before the package arrives to Miami. To have your incoming packages Pre Alerted, you must login into your eShopex account and then enter the following information:

• Courier Company: (e.g., FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS)
• Tracking: (e.g., LS11351225)
• Product Name: (e.g., Kindle Fire)
• Store : (e.g.,
• USD Value: (e.g., US $199.00)
The delivery time from the store to your eShopex address in Miami depends on the shipping options you selected when you ordered your purchase. Once in Miami, your shipment will be prepared and sent by airplane to your country of destination, you should receive your products within approximately 10 business days. 
Your orders will arrive at the address you registered in your eShopex account.
Some US stores do not make transactions with credit cards issued in other countries. In such cases, you can use our Personal Shopper service and request eShopex to make the purchase on your behalf. 
We recommend you to select any shipping option that includes delivery confirmation or proof of delivery. We do not recommend using the basic USPS shipping alternative, which only confirms the area or zip code where the package is delivered (it does not specify who receives the package).


Weight and volume of an air cargo shipment is very important. Airlines use the effective weight as a base for calculating the value of a shipment. You should consider the dimensions of the package of the product to determine the volumetric weight. 
This is done by using this formula:
Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Length (cm) / 6000 = Weight Volume (kg) 
Height (in) x Width (in) x Length (in) / 166 = Weight Volume (lb)

For example: A standard notebook in it´s box ready for shipment, this weights 3,5 kilos and it´s dimension is approx. 21cm x 43cm x 34cm. The volume weight will then be 21cm x 43cm x 34cm / 6000 = 5,1 kilos, this is higher than the real weight of 3,5 kilos, therefore the shipment cost will be based on 5,1 kg. 
Once your parcel arrives to your eShopex address in Miami you will be notified via email of the charges made to your credit card. These charges include shipment to your country, as well as all tax and customs duties. We will make sure that your shipment arrives at your destination and will deal with all relevant tax and customs duties.


Rewards is a program where you earn points . Your points are added up after each order has been shipped and paid. You receive 5 points for every eShopex shipment. These points will be valid for 1 year. Points can be redeemed for eShopex shipping and tax fees or for an Amazon gift card. Every 10 points are equal to US$1.00. In order to redeem your points you must have at least 50 points accumulated. To redeem your points please send an email to asking for your shipping discount or your Amazon gift card for the corresponding amount.
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