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In the following document you will find a legally binding contract which regulates all services for all goods purchased in the United States through eShopex.

To clarify, the parties involved in the present contract are the following:

The Company: Commerce2America LLC (DBA eShopex) and The Client. The Client is who legally registers with eShopex after accepting the terms of this contract. The Client entrusts the Company`s reception and transportation of merchandise and correspondence to the Client between the city of Miami, United States and the offices of eShopex in the country stated and its optional distribution indicated by the Client. For such effects, eShopex will provide the Client a contract number (account number), which will identify the merchandise by the client`s name and US address in Miami. Once the merchandise has been received, eShopex will then ship the product to the Client by air mail to the offices located in the stated country within approximately 10 business days, which will be counted from its departure from Miami, though it may be extended by external motives which are of no fault of eShopex service. EShopex will perform all the procedures necessary to ensure the shipping and delivery of the merchandise to your destination.
Registration is free and there is no maintenance fee.
The Client guarantees to be the owner of the goods that are received and transported by his/her name through eShopex. EShopex will not be responsible for the contents or the nature of the merchandise transported. Eshopex service´s complies with all legal customs and international norms that may be applicable, according to the nature of the products, in which the client should accept, and is obliged to comply, assuming the responsibilities and the contents and nature of the merchandise transported, whether a smaller value declared by Customs or an incorrect description. The Client is obliged to compensate eShopex and/or any third parties involved by direct or indirect damages, predicted or unexpected, including personal and legal costs, caused by the breach of these norms and stipulations of this contract. The Client should entirely assume the associated costs of each shipment of his/her merchandise binded by this contract, for which he/she will be responsible and will pay for the value of the freight, the management of the internal contents, the tariff rights, taxes (VAT), own restricted merchandise, storage costs in his/her country in case any costs are incurred by returning the shipment to the sender. The lateness or simple delay of payment by any concept produced by this contract will yield in favor of eShopex, the maximum interest of credit operations from the sums which are owed by the Client. EShopex, when reckon necessary will be able to consult the Client the replacement or repair of the packaging, expenses that will be charged to The Client. EShopex will not be responsible by the deficiencies that affect the utility, or essential purpose of the shipment, this will be the sole responsibilty of the supplier. EShopex will not be responsible, by any circumstance, of the delay in collecting, in the transportation or in the delivery of the shipment, by failures which are not attributed by eShopex. The Client accepts and agrees that all products or mail received at its account in Miami which have not been removed or taken out, for reasons attributable to the client, after 60 days will be destroyed without any responsibility to The Company. The Client releases from all responsibility to The Company, if any, of its suppliers, mixed delivered shipments, delivers incorrect shipment or consigns to the wrong Ecode or account, including the essential indication of the Ecode number provided by The Company when registering. The Company does not accept responsibility for any packages or mail which delivery receipt does not have the signature of one of our employees in Miami. The Client agrees that any claim for loss or destruction of goods must be submitted to The Company within the following 30 days after the package is delivered.
The Client should pay eShopex the total shipment cost (detailed down below accordingly), at reception of goods or documents. The Client constitutes in favor of eShopex a right of token of any of the goods transported or embarked, so as to guarantee the payment costs of shipment, freights, customs duties, storage, advancements or any other expenses that may arise from the services of this contract which must be accepted by the Client, if not eShopex may refuse the delivery of these goods until all expenses have been fully paid.
The Client, by present contract, permits special mandate to eShopex, so that in its representation, carries out all commercial diligence and the necessary customs procedures for importing the merchandise, giving authorization to a Customs Agent for customs clearance, with subjection to the Customs regulation. The Client relieves eShopex of any obligation regarding the assignment conferred. The internal contents of certain merchandise alien to the will of eShopex may result in a special customs process and delay its delivery.
All the services described in the present document should be utilized in conformity with the legal, customs, and international norms. The Client declares to know and to accept the restrictions and other dispositions relating to the courier services and air cargo.
The parties set residence in the city of Miami, and they are submitted to the jurisdiction of their courts of justice. This contract is irrevocable and not transferable and The Client compromises to comply faithfully within the terms described.
The responsibility of eShopex for lost or damaged merchandise is limited to the item’s real value, regardless of the loss of income, utility, interest or special value to the client. Every shipment processed by eShopex must have valid insurance. The cost of the insurance offered by eShopex is $1 USD per $100 USD of merchandise value. If the client chooses to obtain other insurance, eShopex must be notified before the package is shipped from Miami. For returns or refunds of any merchandise from the United States to the destined country, The Client should revise the politics on refunds and returns from the store where the product was acquired. It is not the responsibility of eShopex to assume the return costs of shipment or taxes of the products to the United States, or the shipment reinstated of such product from the United States back to the clients country. The Company does not ensure or has responsibility for packages containing stamps, jewelry, gems or precious metals unprocessed, checks, manuscripts, shares, tickets or travel tickets of any kind, perishable of all kinds, antiques, plasma TVs, LCD or similar technology. These shipments will be shipped under exclusive responsibility and own risk of The Client.
EShopex offers an additional service, in which The Client requests eShopex to carry out the purchase of their desired product in the United States. The Client can request this service via email or through the eShopex website with a quotation of the specific product that he/she wishes to purchase in the United States. The Client will receive a detailed email with the total amount of the requested product within 2 business days. If The Client accepts this amount he/she should pay the total using the manner of payment accepted by eShopex. Subsequently, the product will be bought in the United States; it will then be sent to Miami and subsequently to The Client’s country of residence. The Client guarantees to be the owner of the goods that are bought and transported to his name on behalf of eShopex. EShopex will only act as a commission agent for the purchase or determined product and will therefore only be responsible for the compliance obligations inherited in stated purchase. The guarantee of quality of the products sold will be of exclusive responsibility of those commercial establishments in which eShopex is only related to through order of The Client. EShopex in no case will be responsible for the contents, functionality or the nature of the merchandise or products transported with regards to the business and transactions, since these are unknown purchases, only stated and described by external indications. EShopex will neither be responsible for the loss or damages that the product may suffer upon reception by The Client or other entity, which may be constituted by greater forces or unforeseen circumstance. EShopex will not be responsible by the delay of collecting, transporting or the delivery of shipment, when the causes of delay are not fault of the company. The Client of the assigned service, permits eShopex in its representation, to carry out all the commercial diligence and the necessary customs procedures for the importing of the merchandise, offering a customs Agent complete clearance, with subjection to the customs regulation. The Client relieves eShopex the obligation regarding the assignment conferred; constancy that the internal contents of certain merchandise would result to a special customs processing, alien to eShopex, which may delay its delivery.
This agreement may be terminated by any of the parties involved at any moment, without cause within thirty (30) days notice in writing or email.
Restricted merchandise at customs exists in every country; these require special permissions so as to obtain customs clearance. Additionally, products called "dangerous goods" require special process and packaging so that they can be sent via air mail to destined country. In case you require more information on restricted or dangerous products, you can send an email to info@eShopex.com.
The client accepts the terms of service from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) in accordance with the requirements listed form below:"In consideration of delivery of my or our (firm) mail to the agent name below, the addressee and agent agree:(1) the addressee or the agent must not file a change of addressee order with the Postal Service TM upon termination of the agency relationship; (2) the transfer of mail to another address is the responsibility of the addressee and the agent; (3) all mail delivered to the agency under this authorization must be prepaid with new postage when redeposited in the mails; (4) upon request the agent must provide to the Postal Service all addressee to which the agency tranfers mail; and (5) when any information required on this form changes or becomes obsolete, the addressee(s) must file a revised application with the Commercial mail Receiving Agency (CMRA).

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